Blood Type Diet: What to Eat and Avoid



Blood Type Diet
Blood Type Diet

Today we will discuss the most amazing topic. In which you can plan your diet according to your blood type. Mostly we follow diet plan according to our health or weight but this is also very important to known blood group because it can also effect on your health.

“Every food is not for everyone.”

Blood group diet is very good thought because this can be helpful to improve your health from some diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol problem, high blood pressure, and other food allergic problem. In 2013, systematic review published research at AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL NUTRITION states that there is no any confirmation by which blood type diet proof.

In 1997, Dr. Peter D’ Adamo wrote a book which named Eat Right for Your Type. Selling rate of this book was great in New York Times and more than 7 million books sold worldwide. Even the author Dr. D’Adamo wrote Blood Type Diet and also wrote other new addition books on the same topic. Books names are following.

  • Live right for your type (1997)
  • Eat right for blood type (2003)
  • Eat right for your diet


Dr. D’Adamo said, whenever we eat something it reacts chemically according to our blood type.

Not only this, but even he also said that we always try to eat such food which is right for our blood type because such suitable food can easily digest, give more energy and also can prevent from diseases.

There are four types of blood which are following.

  • A (positive / negative )
  • B (positive / negative )
  • AB (positive / negative )
  • O (positive / negative )


Dr. D’Adamo gave amazing information and also told about the food which suits the blood group. Following are those food according to blood type.


Blood Type Diet
Blood Type Diet

A blood group people can follow a vegetarian diet like meat-free diet and also avoid dairy products because they have weak digestion and immune system. They should consume all fresh organic and natural food such as fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and other.

Also, they always try to drink herbal teas and plenty of water. Use olive oil, coconut oil, other plant fat like seeds and nuts for taking dietary fat. Do light exercise because this is most essential such as walking and yoga. Take supplements which contain vitamin A & E, calcium and iron.


Blood Type Diet
Blood Type Diet

Those people have B type blood should follow a paleo diet and eat all vegetables and fruits except tomatoes and they can eat meat as well. If they have any digestion problem they avoid eggs otherwise they can eat because it has low fat.

Avoid chicken and take other protein diets. Also try to skip peanuts, corns, sesame seeds, lentils, buckwheat and wheat. Consume a lot of water also take fresh juices and green tea. Stay active do jogging and jumping.


Blood Type Diet
Blood Type Diet

According to Dr. D’Adamo AB blood type, people are most lucky because they can eat all the foods which he suggested to A and B blood group peoples. Mostly with AB blood group people have good digestion that is why they can digest protein and fat both. They can eat meat, seafood, grains, legumes, a variety of vegetables and fruits.

Consume coffee and green tea also drinks plain water. Do different exercises such as vigorous and calming. But if you have digestion problem then you should avoid red meat, grains, seeds, beans, corn, and vinegar. Also, quit smoking.


Blood Type Diet
Blood Type Diet

People with O blood group should take low carbs and high protein. Eat limited grains and fruits because it contains high in sugar and carbohydrate. Also, they can consume a full-fat dairy product, organic meat, poultry, lean and seafood such as a variety of fishes.

Eat beans, peanuts, corn, and legumes but in low amount. Aerobics exercise and running is most effective for those people.



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