Prostate Enlarged Causes and home remedies

Prostate Enlarged Causes and home remedies Today we will discuss about a disease which is usually found in old age persons. In modern days, the...

Most Amazing Benefits Of Milk | drnaveedhealthcare

MOST AMAZING BENEFITS OF MILK Do you have weak bones? This is most common problem even it can occurs at any age, lack of calcium...

Fatigue Symptoms, Causes and Home remedies

Fatigue Symptoms, Causes and Home remedies Do you know about indication every of disease? Some effects describe that there are some problems in your body, which...
psyllium husk

Psyllium Husk Benefits And How To Use 

BENEFITS AND HOW TO USE  PSYLLIUM HUSK Today our article is about Psyllium Husk (Isabgol) and correct way to use Psyllium. We use Psyllium in our...

Best Time to Eat Yogurt By Dr Naveed

Today we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of yogurt_and also tell you the right way of eating yogurt. There is very famous...

Oiling Three Body Parts and get amazing benefits

OILING THREE BODY PARTS TO PREVENT FROM DISEASES Today our article is about keep oily these three things by which you can prevent yourself from...
roasted gram

Roasted Grams Health Benefits By Dr Naveed

BENEFITS OF ROASTED GRAM There are two types of gram. First is white gram (chickpea) and second is black gram. Both types have vitamins and...
barley water

Barley Water Amazing Benefits And Preparation

Today’s article is on most amazing benefits of barley water. This is also known as “jau”. IMPORTANCE OF BARLEY IN ISLAM Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) liked barley...
Advantages Disadvantages Aloe Vera

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Aloe Vera

ALOE VERA ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES It is the most famous plant in the world. And uses in so many different beauty products as a main...
Garlic Incredible Benefits

Garlic Incredible Benefits | drnaveedhealthcare

Garlic Incredible Benefits There are so many kitchen ingredients which we used for remedy but today this is most amazing article you are going to...

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