Chia Seeds For Weight Loss By Dr Naveed


chia seeds

Today our article is about obesity. Not only this, I will tell you more about different diseases and you can lose your weight only in 15 days.

Now a days people so much depressed just because of obesity and firstly it will decreases your smartness look wise and secondly it will grow lots of dangerous diseases. So many people reduce their weight by dieting. But due to eating less food they suffered in physical weaknesses. They suffered in blood deficiency, anxiety and grumpiness just because of a smaller amount food intake.


But today’s tip is very easy and useful which I am sharing with you. You can lose 5 KG of your weight in just 15 days by using this tip. Today’s tip is not only going to reduce your weight but it will also prevent you from constipation, stomach ulcer, belly fatness, heart burn and acid reflux.chia seeds

Today’s tip is all about antioxidant, it consists of those substances which eliminates aging factors like on your face and hands. Which means you looks so younger.

It also controls the cholesterol level and make your heart healthy. It is also beneficial in heart diseases like high blood pressure and heath attacks.

Today’s tip is for controlling your blood sugar level and it is also beneficial for diabetic’s patients.

This tip is very useful in summer. It eliminates the body heatstroke and feels freshness.

It consists of iron, zinc, copper and protein which fulfill the blood deficiency. It makes bones, hair strong and healthy.


  1. Chia seeds (1 spoon)
  2. Water (1 glass)
  3. Honey (1 spoon)
  4. Lemon (half)

Chia seeds and basil seeds are from same family. Add 1 spoon of chia seeds in 1 glass of water and mix it well, after mixing leave to 30 minutes. It looks like a gel form after 30 minutes. Add honey (1 spoon) and half lemon in this gel. Drink this mixture in morning on empty stomach (before 1 hour from breakfast).

This tip is especially for fatty people. Those people do not use lemon who has allergy from lemon or facing coughing problem.


Diabetic patients can use honey but make sure honey should be pure and natural. If honey is not pure and natural then diabetic patients can drink this mixture without honey.

In summer, you can drink by adding chia seeds in any drink (juice) or milk. It makes your memory sharp and lower the effect of depression. This mixture can low the hunger and reduce your weight. This tip is gift for those people who are working in hot and sunny atmosphere. It is cheap and easily available in market.


Stomach ulcer patients can drink this in night (before sleeping). Add chia seeds in milk and drink immediately. Do not eat anything after drinking this mixture and sleep. INSHALLAH you can see good results in 15 to 20 days. You can use this tip continuously for 40 days.


As I told you about above tip is for obesity which is the mixture of chia seeds, honey and lemon can not only decrease your weight in 15 days and it can also reduce your body fat. This is very effective tip. Pregnant women do not use this tip. If they want to use this tip but make sure amount should be less.

Those people who suffered in typhoid and fever again and again. Chia seeds can eliminate the aftermath effects of typhoid. Add 1 spoon of chia seeds in 1 glass of water and drink only one time in morning (in empty stomach). All problems will eliminate INSHALLAH within 15 to 20 days.


In winter, you can use chia seeds in lukewarm water and milk. Similarly in summer, you can use chia seeds in cold water and milk. This is very effective and you must try this chia seeds, obviously you will like it.



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