Benefits Of Coconut Oil Uses and Dosage


Benefits of Coconut Oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil

As we know, there are so many categories of oil and all have their own benefits such as almond oil, olive oil mustard oil and etc.

But today we will talk about benefits of coconut oil. Coconut is one of the best food which is very effective in reducing weight, great for your skin, hair and for whole body not only this even coconut water is also very beneficial. Drinking coconut water will prevent you from dehydration and it will give you more minerals and vitamins. That is why coconut oil has also very great for your internal and external body even it was included in super food list. The presence of fatty acids can be effective for your health. It also has those benefits which can make your brain function better.


Benefits of Coconut Oil
Benefits of Coconut Oil

Now a day we can see the increase in obesity and this is the base of many diseases. The intake of calories is most important even the source of these calories is also important because every single food gives different reaction to our body.

According to the study that the coconut oil is high in (MCTs) that is why the  intake of 16 to 30 grams of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) per day can rise the energy level for 24 hours by 5% and adding per day about 120 calories.

Add coconut oil in your daily diet it can be very effective in fat burning, also for those dangerous fats which stuck in abdominal cavity.


Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has very healthy saturated fats which is very helpful in your diet.  The amount of different fats is great to increase the fat burning and instant energized your brain and whole body. Even this also educates the level of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body by which you can prevent from heart disease. These fats give you energy to your liver function.


Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil

Cholesterol is important for our health but it should be good cholesterol. There are two types of cholesterol first is bad LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) and second is good cholesterol this is also known as High-density lipoprotein (HDL).

Coconut oil has natural saturated fats which is great to increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and make the bad cholesterol less harmful.

When the HDL level increases it will good for heart health and it can prevent you from different heart diseases.

According to the study added coconut oil in the dietary program of 116 patients then the result was great because the level of good HDL cholesterol of these patients rose.


Benefits of Coconut Oil
Benefits of Coconut Oil

There are so many uses and benefits of coconut oil. The beneficial actives in it are great for whole body; we can consume it and apply it as well as on skin and hair.

There are so many peoples who use coconut oil as the purpose of cosmetic even they got great results and improvement in the health of their hair and skin.

  • For hair damage this is best oil because it gives complete protection to your hair even from sun and also good for hair growth. Coconut oil is great conditioner for hair. It is also helpful in the treatment of dandruff and lice problem. Here are recipes of coconut oil shampoo and conditioner.
  • This is very good and chemical free moisturizer for those peoples who have dry skin not only this even, it can low the chances of eczema. This is antibacterial and antifungal
  • Coconut oil is also good dental health, use it as a mouthwash by which all the harmful bacteria can kill from mouth and this is also treat the bad breath problem and improve dental health that is add it in your diet.


If you have any allergy and some serious disease then first ask to your doctor before using. Don’t use any new remedy in pregnancy. This is better to consult with your doctor first.



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