What is diabetes? Symptoms, Reasons and Natural Treatment


What is diabetes? Symptoms, Reasons and Natural Treatment

Today our topic of discussion is diabetes in other words, this disease also known as “sugar” which is very dangerous and fatal disease and it is capable to hollow your body like termite. This disease also called life-imprisonment because, a person who is suffering from that disease should control all the diets or take medicines throughout whole life.

So, the question is this what is diabetes?

Diabetes is disease in which, concentration of glucose is increased in blood and this thing makes many fatal impacts on our lives which are quite horrible and we can find that with a piece of symptoms that we suffer from that disease or not?

Symptoms are following:

  1. A person suffering from this disease have slow healing power.
  2. Consistent pain in legs.
  3. Dryness of tongue.
  4. Irritation in hand and foot.
  5. Repeated urination.
  6. Excessive sweating.
  7. Fatigue (tiredness).

Reasons due to which diabetes occur:

One main reason is obesity and diabetes can also occur due to consistent stress on mind. Or when our pancreas (lablaba) does not working properly and this disease should also inherit from parents means genetic problem

All reasons which we discussed plays key role for making a person a patient of diabetes. And this disease has many horrible impacts on our body which are given below

Effects of Diabetes:

Due to this disease, kidneys are not working properly and this disease is responsible for agenesis (banjh-pan). And sometimes diabetes has a very harmful impact on heart due to this heart attack is also occurred. Not only that this disease makes your muscles weaker. We can say that this disease has a very harmful impact on our body from the hair of head to the toe of the feet.

Which type of life should be spent by a patient of Diabetes ?

A diabetes patient must live an active life. Means make activities regular like he/she has to adapt the activity like walk. And this thing is done on regular bases and should provide a lot of care to his/her feet. Always eat less but eat after a very short interval. And increase the vegetables in diet. This type diet helps you to remain normal.

How to cure this disease naturally?

Peepal’s bark is very effective for curing diabetes like when we take the bark and dry this and use it with milk it gives a very effective impact on health. Acacia pod (keekar ki philyaan) is also an effective herbal remedy for curing of diabetes after drying this use it early in the morning before breakfast and before sleeping and use it with water. And it has many curing’s in homeopathic and natural things but most effective are those which are discussed earlier and the main thing try to make healthy activities involves in your life which is best other than any curing.

Note: Glucose is naturally is in our blood but it’s amount should range that  if the amount is in between the specific range then it is good otherwise you have to worry about your health and the range is given below

Before eating the quantity of glucose will be 80-110 while after eating this range increase 110-160 this is the range of glucose in a normal if your glucose test not satisfying this test then start the healthy activities which helps you to get out of that disease.



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