Fatigue Symptoms, Causes and Home remedies


Fatigue Symptoms, Causes and Home remedies

Do you know about indication every of disease?

Some effects describe that there are some problems in your body, which does not appear to be good. Today we will discuss about one of the indication of diseases named “fatigue”.

About Fatigue

As we know about fatigue, A question comes in mind that tells fatigue is very minor thing, why should we discuss about it? So, the answer of this question is, sometimes due to work if you feel tired.

This thing is ordinary and natural process, but if this thing happens on regular basis.Then this is converted from ordinary problem to an indication of some disease.

How We Describe Fatigue?

Now the first question is that how will we describe fatigue as an indication of some disease?
The answer of this is, when you feel tired every time and after a proper sleep you are not fresh. And you fell some pain in your body and peevish (chir chira) is added in your attitude, and trivial things make a greater impact on your anger.

causes of fatigue

If all the things happen with you then this fatigue is not ordinary.It is indication of some disease and to diagnose it, you must examine some activities of regular life.

Like when you sleep in night, duration of sleep, when do you awake in the morning from sleep.

Diagnose Disease

Proper hydration, is there any deficiency of iron? Is your uric acid being normal or not? After examining all the things, you must get the diagnosis of disease or the part of body which is not working properly.

Prevention From Fatigue

Now the question is that what type of tasks will be done by us for preventing us from that type fatigue?
First thing we must know that God Almighty make the night for rest and sleep and day for working.

If we make changes in natural processing’s then this thing may cause of harming ,your health so first thing you must make a complete schedule for sleeping.

How To Cure Fatigue

You should add some healthy things in your diet,like at every morning you should take one or more spoons of yogurt after breakfast.

And try to reduce meat in your meal and increase the vegetables, fruit and salad in your regular diet and if you are suffering from permanent fatigue, try to reduce the usage of soup.

Home Remedies

And if you take a glass of warm water with two spoons of honey then this thing helps you to overcome that problem.

And always try to make less use of medicines because it has more side-effects as compared to its benefits, so always try to use natural ways to solve your problem.


You should take minimum 8 hours of sleep daily.Probably change your diet, consult a nutritionist if needed. Go to bed at 9, and you will wake up energetic and fresh in the morning.

If You Feel Restless

If you feel restless, then you might be going to bed too late. Whenever you feel stressed and depressed, just calm down and take a rest, and as always stay hydrated. Remember that over 80% of your diseases can be finished if you replace all your drinks with “Water”




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