10 Golden Advices For Successful Marriage Life



Welcome to Dr. Naveed Health Care. I hope you all are fine. Today our article is about happy marriage life must read this article before and after marriage and also follow this INSHALLAH your house become heaven.

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal said 10 golden advices to his son on his wedding day and also said you cannot get happy satisfied married life until you will follow these 10 golden advices.

Hazrat Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal 10 golden advices:

  1. Your women like care and they like to be told clearly that you love her, not only for one time. Timely express her that how much you feel love for her and ask her that she is most important for you.
  2. If you feel stingy and become limited in expressing your love for your wife then you will create a wall of harshness between you and her. And this wall of harshness become stronger timely and decreases in affection if you don’t remove that barrier.
  3. Women don’t like an overcautious and strict man furthermore they also know that how to handle soft vulnerable man. So you have to balance each quality correctly. This will bring love in your house and you get simple peace of mind.
  4. Women expecting from their husbands just like their husbands expecting from them. For example: kind words, good looks, pleasant odor and clean clothes. Therefore always take care about these things.
  5. Husband’s house is the sovereignty of the woman. She feels that she is the chief of the house and sitting upon her throne. Do not interfere in the sovereignty of her kingdom and do not ever try to dethrone her. Try to give all the house responsibilities and freedom of decision making to her.
  6. Every woman wants to love her husband, but at the same time she does not want to mislay her family including her brother and sister, also don’t except from her. So do not put yourself and her family in the same scale.
  7. Certainly woman has been made from a curved rib, and this is the top-secret of her beauty which is not a defect in her because ‘the eyebrows look beautiful due to them being curved’. So take benefits and pleasure from her. If you don’t like anything from her do not rebuke her otherwise you will simply break her and her breaking can reach her divorce. At the same time do not accept her unnecessary wishes otherwise she will become proud and arrogant which can be harmful for her. Thereafter, always try to treat her in balance way.
  8. It is in the women’s nature to be ungrateful towards their husbands and to deny favors. If you were to be nice to her for her whole life but you grieved her once, she will say, “I have never seen any good from you”. So don’t take stress from her this nature and don’t reduce your love from her. This is small imperfection in her but as compare she has lots of other abilities. Always love and gave her rights as she is ALLAH’s mankind.
  9. Surely there are times when a woman goes through some days of internal bodily weakness. Such that ALLAH has comforted her from her required worships during that period. ALLAH has completely pardoned her from praying and has postponed the days of fasting for her within this break to a later date until she recovers her health. Thus, during these days, treat her in a good manner. Just as ALLAH has relieved her of the duties, you should also minimize your demands and instructions from her during those days.
  10. Last but not least, know that a woman is like a captive with you. ALLAH can question about her in the Day of Judgment. Therefore, have mercy upon her and ignore her mistakes. She will be best life partner for you.

If man and woman both follow these 10 golden advices then their life can be heaven on earth. I hope you like my today’s article. Try to share this topic as much as you can. Remember me in your prayers. Ok I will come back again with some new informatory article. See you then and take care ALLAH HAFIZ.



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