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B E N E F I T S    OF    M A R R I A G EMarriage

Welcome to Dr. Naveed Health Care. I hope you all are fine. Today our topic is about benefits of marriage. Islam gives importance to married life. Marriage is not only stay around happiness and fears of life. Even marriage contains so many health secrets.


Islam 1 is the most precious religion with great rules and all rules are beneficial for us, Quran is our guideline. Marriage is most important and beautiful relation in this world. In Islam marriage has so many benefits and this is sunnat. Marriage (Nikkah) 2 is halal way to get your partner and fulfil your desire. Not only this, even marriage is good for your health. This is pretty shocking but this is true. According to new medical research married couples are live with good health and live long. There is much importance of marriage (Nikkah) in Islam. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Nikah is my sunnat. Whomever ALLAH blesses with a righteous wife, He has helped him with half of his religion, so let him fear ALLAH with regard to the other half.”


Married couple is like a two wheels of cycle if they both corporate with each other then they can make their life easy. Even married couple are healthier 3 instead of unmarried people and also have less chances to suffer in serious diseases such as Cancer 4.

According to the research of U.S cancer centers there is a record of patients those are suffered in cancer and there is very high risk to get metastatic cancer in singles around 17 percent.



If we look from society’s point of view marriage is treatment of so many diseases, also there are lots of benefits of marriage. New research revealed that married couple has less risk of heart attack 5.

Marriage_makes long life. It makes the immune system strong by which the rate of cancer and heart diseases decrease. In the world, most of the suicide cases are unmarried. The good relation with wife can prevent you from stroke but if your relation is not good then it does not help.

Depression 6 is most common problem and mostly found in single peoples. Family is most precious part of life by which you can make your life happy. Moral support is very important especially when you are in trouble or stress, when you need to share your feelings and need to care then your family supports you and you can only make family after marriage 7 that is why marriage can reduce depression and anxiety.

According to research those hormones changes after marriage_which can be cause of depression. Marriage_can reduce brain diseases in couple. It gives quality of sleep but if your relation is not good then you cannot find good results.

After marriage_husband and wife 8 take care and sense for each other which makes you Marriage feels safe. All these benefits you can get only when you have good relation with your partner. Take care of your precious relation because this is most essential for you. If you want healthy and peaceful life then you have to corporate with your partner and always help each other. Always follow Islamic rules and give your partner right according to Islam.

For happy married life you have to wait for my next article where you get more benefits.

In the last I am praying for those are unmarried and they will get good life partner and I am also praying for married couple to increase love in their life.

Ok I will come back again with some new informatory article. See you then and take careMarriage



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