Olive Oil Uses For Health By Dr Naveed


O L I V E   O I L   B E N E F I T S


We will tell you the correct usage of Olive Oil; add Olive-Oil in your daily life. Definitely you know the benefits of Olive Oil and also you tried it.

There are so many peoples who suggest using the Olive_Oil and this is also very beneficial for human health but make sure you only get the benefits of Olive Oil until you know the correct usage of Olive_Oil. In our society we use Olive_Oil in cooking and frying on high flame but this is wrong way and harmful too. But in this article we will tell you that which oil is good for cooking and frying? Which oil you can use for massage? Which oil you should not use for frying.


Olive is precious fruit even we can find about this in QURAN and HADITH.


According to ‘Abdullah bin Sa’eed narrated that his grandfather said: “I heard Abu Hurairah say: The Messenger of Allah () said: ‘Eat (Olive) oil and anoint yourselves with it, for it is blessed.’” Vol. 4, Book 29, Hadith 3320 / Book 29, Hadith 3445

Another Hadith about Olive Oil is Hazrath Abu Hurairah (t) narrates that the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) stated, “Eat the Olive Oil and apply it (locally), since there is cure for seventy diseases in it, one of them is Leprosy.” (Abu Naim)

In QURAN, ALLAH promises about Olive.


In the world, Spain and Italy are famous to produce Olive_and Olive_Oil. In Olive Oil we can find different anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agents. Omega 3, Omega 6, Omega 9, Vitamin E and K also found.



Naturally Olive_Oil is free from cholesterol. We will tell you small tip by which you can confirm that Olive Oil is cholesterol free. Take Olive_Oil and spread on your hand and wash while washing you don’t need to use any soap or warm water because this is cholesterol free that is why this can remove by simple tap water even other oils are not easy to remove by just water and you need to use soap and warm water.


That is why Olive_Oil lower the level of cholesterol and prevent from obese also control blood pressure. Olive_Oil is very beneficial in diabetes. We are telling you here the experiment of Dr. Hassan Shamsi. He was heart surgeon in Jeddah and he was very famous when he was suffered in diabetes he take lots of treatment because of sugar level was to too high but there is no effect of any treatment then he was started to use Olive_Oil and his sugar level was controlled then he used Olive_Oil on his patients and he get very positive results. Dr. Hassan Shamsi also write book on Olive_Oil.



Olive_Oil reduces the swelling in body make the bones strong, eliminate osteoporosis and controls the level of calcium. It is also use for internal health power and stroke. Olives are good you should eat and apply both which can be beneficial for you.

Enteritis, constipation, digestive problems, liver, bladder infection and gallbladder stones can eliminate from Olive Oil. Also increase self-steam, prevent from cough and flu. If you apply this on head then it can be good for dandruff and prevent from hair fall. It lower the weakness of mental and physical health. In Olive Oil those substances are present by which you can prevent from cancer.


Now we are telling you the use of Olive_Oil that how you can use the Olive_Oil for the treatment of above diseases like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, mental and physical health. Drink two spoons of Olive Oil in the morning on empty stomach. You can also drink Olive Oil in milk and water as well. It’s up to you; you can increase or decrease the quantity of Olive_Oil. After consume the Olive_Oil take gap for 1 hour than eat breakfast. There are so many peoples who drink Olive-Oil on night before sleep with milk or water but after drink of Olive_Oil do not eat and other thing and just go to sleep. If someone suffered in dry itching than apply Olive_Oil on affected area of body.


In the last we are going to tell you which oil you should use in cooking and which should use in massage. Whenever you go to market you can find two to three qualities of Olive Oils and then you confused that which is for cooking and which is for massage.

  1. Extra virgin oil is for cooking, drinking and use in salad also do not heat this oil. If you will heat this oil than it can reactive harmful substance and this is not good for health.
  2. Virgin oil, this is similar to extra virgin oil but this is on second number according to quality. Use this oil same as extra virgin oil do not heat, you can use in salad
  3. Refined oil, this oil is little cheap and use for cooking and also use in massage. Do not drink or use in salad.
  4. Pure Olive Oil, this is last category of oil and use in deep cooking and frying and in massage also but do not drink and eat in raw form.
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