Onion Health Benefits by Dr Naveed


ONIONIn today’s article I will tell you the treatment with onion, the right way to eat onion and other different benefits of onion. Onion_very closely related with ginger. This is very famous meal in historical Egypt and also discuss in bible. The presence of very strong smell in onion_and letheon begin there which is the causes of smell.


For the prevention of onion-smell and tears firstly you have to peal the skin of onion and leave it into the water for few minutes before cutting. This process will save you from onion sharp smell and tears. Otherwise the eyes tears (which comes while cutting onion) is not harmful even this is very good for eyesight.ONION

This is very famous old story. The young poor man alive in the village. The poor man was suffered in eyes problem, on that time there were no availability of any health care and the eyes problem gradually increased and stolen the light of his eye. Poor man check their eyes to doctors and take so many different treatments but there is no effect on his eyes.

After few time later there was the wedding in the home of young poor man so his family gave him 5 to 10 kg onion_for cutting. He started cutting the water comes from his eyes and nose, after few hours while cutting he was feeling that the heaviness of his mind gone and his eyesight coming back. He did not stop and continue to cutting onion_fast the water continuously pass in his eyes and nose and his eyesight completely came back, even there is still few onions left for cutting. He started shouting because he was happy.

It is mentioned in Abu Dawood (book of hadith) that Hazrat Aisha was asked about onion (basal) & she said that the last meal which Prophet ﷺ ate, had onions in it. (Narrated by Ibn Zaid & he asked to Hazrat A’isha): Reference Abu Dawud: 3829; Book no. 28; In English Book no. 27; Hadees no. 3820


Onion_is very precious thing from God.it contains great antioxidants and antibiotics which means it kills the germs which can be cause of any disease and protect from different diseases. Onion can prevent you from cancer and diabetes.


There are so many peoples they don’t know that how to eat onion and which is the best time for eat onion. If you will eat onion_in wrong time then it can be harmful for you.

In male sexual disorder onion is very helpful. As you know that there are lots of disadvantages of steroids and other temporary medicines. If you will use onion_continuously then you can prevent from medicines. For the treatment of male sexual disorder you have to take onion in lunch. Take one medium size onion in raw form and take in lunch as a salad by which you will not need to take any medicine to treatment your problem.

Make sure don’t eat raw onion_in morning, evening and night because in these times if you will eat onion_it can be cause of weakness.


There is one tip which I am going to tell you. If you have usually suffers in rheum, flu and sneezing problem. Cut two small pieces of onion, then put these pieces on your feet and wear socks_do this at night before sleeping then takeoff these onion pieces in the morning after wakeup. Soon you will see good results and rheum, flu and sneezing problem will go away.


Onion_is great for kill germs also eliminate the harmful elements from the blood, onion prevent from high blood pressure and if you use onion daily it will prevent you from heart attack.


For the treatment of hair lice. Take onion juice (onion water) then apply it on hair roots and leave for two hours, then wash your hair but don’t use any shampoo and soap. After 15 days you will get clear result. This is not only for lice even this process will make your hair long, strong and also prevent you from hair fall. Eating onion_will make your face fresh.



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