Home Remedies for Stomach


Home Remedies for Stomach

Today we will discuss about a stomach problems. You should know that most of the diseases begin due to stomach problems. And one of the major stomach related problem is “indigestion”. Which is responsible for encountering us from many adverse disease and harms our good health. Many doctors said that, if you want to live happy and healthy then try your hearty best to avoid indigestion. Because this invites other diseases, that attack your body.

Reasons of stomach related problem:

There are many reasons of this problem, but the common one is the following. First one is the activity in which you sleep after a very brief time of eating. Means, after eating meal you must do walk or things like that and if you avoid this thing then your stomach are in problem. And if you drink water in a large quantity after the meal then this thing also harms your stomach. One thing you should know that, one of the major reason of indigestion is stress and fear. So, try to avoid these things because this thing not only harms your stomach but other parts of body also effected from this.

If your food is not properly cooked, means if your food is unripe then thing has fatal impacts on your stomach. The major reason of indigestion is excessive eating. Means if you eat more than required then this thing destroys your stomach.

Symptoms of indigestion:

One of the main symptoms of indigestion is weakness and belly ache. During this problem, the belly size is also increases. Nausea and vomit is also a symptom of this problem. Not only that constipation, acidity and piles are also symptoms of this.

Remedy 1:

If you want to remain secured from that disease, then you should avoid sour and spicy food. Always eat meat when it is required means when your belly is empty. And try to make a proper routine of taking food according the time in which you feel hunger. And you should walk after eating meal.

Always remember that thing excessive eating is not provide you more power but proper and healthy food do. Due to this many problems occurs in your body. Excessive eating is responsible for encountering us with obesity and problems like that. If you want to avoid this thing try to munch your food as many time as you can do. This thing helps to digest food very easily.

Home remedies for stomach which are very useful:

If you are suffering from indigestion then yogurt is a real blessing for you use this with following ingredients. Firstly, you should take roasted white cumin, black pepper and salt then mix these in yogurt. And you should take this before eating meal. This solution should put very pleasant impacts on your digestion.

There is another solution of this problem in which you should follow the given instructions. First thing you should get ‘mint’ whose quantity should be equal to 50 grams. After that you must take carom seeds and ginger 10 grams and then mix all these things in a glass of water. After mixing them boil it and use this after taking meal and you should take two spoons of it.

Not only that there is another solution which helps to fight against indigestion and constipation. In this you should take aniseeds, carom seed, white cumin and trifoly (tarphalla). Take all these in same quantity and then crush them. Use half spoon of this after taking meal.




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