Stress And Depression Home remedies


Stress And Depression Home remedies

Stress And Depression:Today we will discuss about the most dangerous problem in the world. This problem is responsible to weakening your body and invites many diseases. Not only that, almost all the fatal diseases are originated from this problem. And this problem can destroy your will-power. And you should know that thing you are able to fight against any disease if your will-power is much stronger than the fear of the disease. If there is no will-power in you then even a small disease can kill you. I am talking about “stress” and “depression”. So always try to avoid this thing because it is not the solution of any problem but become a reason of many disease.

Types Of Depression

Always remember one thing that, there are two types of depression one is temporary which is quite natural. While the second one in which you are consistently remain in the state of depression. In this not only depression but pressure and stress is also occurred. This is a real problem which has quite horrible impacts on our lives.

Effects of depression and stress like problems:

Always remember one thing, brain is the controller of our body and depression is the enemy of this ‘controller’. It tries to harm our mind and has many impacts on our body like our brain gives command to heart and other organs. If the main controller is not in good condition then it doesn’t give proper command to heart which become the reason of many heart problems. Sometimes, heart attack is also occurred due to too much depression, pressure and stress on mind.

Major Impact Of Stress On Our Body

One of the major impact of stress on our body in which our immune system is destroyed. And this thing can reduce your appetite which is responsible for weakening your body. Due to this many problems can attack on your body. Stress is responsible for hair whitening before the age of adultness or matureness and this thing also responsible for hair fall. Wrinkles is also a symptom or impact of this problem.

Healthy tips:

Always remember that thing according to “Wasif Ali Wasif”:

“depression is created by our thoughts not by conditions”.

So always try to make your thought positive it will help you to avoid many problems in life. Try to make sincere friends through which you can share your problems. Not only that very simple activities help you to get rid of this type of problem, try to take a walk. If you feel stress everywhere first you should sit down and take long breathes and repeat this thing four to five times. This process helps to reduce the Hormones.

Natural home remedy:

The natural solution of this problem is a drink in you should add the following things. First thing you should take  a spoon of basil plant leaves (tulsi k patty) and a cup of water and then boil it. after five minutes of boiling remove the basal plant from it and then add a few drops of lemons juice and a spoon of honey. After some time take it and you should feel relax after taking this magical solution.




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