Treatment Of High Cholesterol Naturally




Treatment Of High Cholesterol Naturally

Cholesterol is most essential for running functions in our body. High level can be cause of many diseases. Naturally arising of element which made by liver and provide complete function of cells, hormones and nerves through body.

Cholesterol passes in the lipid of blood stream this is also known as plaque. It can form up in the arteries’ walls which reduce the blood flow to spirited areas of the body. If plaque constantly build for long time which can leads the risk of stroke and heart attack.

Usually cholesterol do not increase without any reason. It kept in balance but if you use high amount of refined carbohydrates or hydrogenated facts in your diet which can helps in to promote imbalance of cholesterol level.

Three lipoprotein found in the blood.

  1. LDL (low density lipoprotein) this is also called bad cholesterol, because the amount of protein is low while cholesterol amount is high.
  2. CholesterolHDL (high density lipoprotein) this is also known as good cholesterol because it is high in protein and low in cholesterol level.
  3. Triglycerides are the kind of fat in the blood. Triglycerides can be harmful if it increases. The normal range is under 150

High cholesterol level can be reason of many diseases. The first and biggest reason is unhealthy diet which leads to increases lipids level.

Following are some basic causes of high cholesterol.


CholesterolIn which include fatty, oily and all those products which contains high amount of fat. Bakery items and carbonated drinks are also unhealthy diet. All these foods are harmful for health and can high lipids cause.


Keep your body in movement, do some activities it will boost HDL in your blood while inactive body is the big cause of high cholesterol.


Mostly over weighted people are lazy and the difficult part is to support their own body. People those have 30 above BMI have high risk of lipids.


High blood sugar or diabetes can be cause of high LDL and low HDL level that is dangerous for health. It can effect on arteries.


It can leads damage and blockage of blood vessels and low the level of good lipids (HDL).

This is very vital to take care of yourself and balance cholesterol is more important for human health. Don’t ignore this problem it can be harmful.

Following are natural tips so you can low your lipids level.

Cholesterol# ONIONS

Most basic kitchen ingredient. It will help you to reduce not only your bad cholesterol but also helps to increase good cholesterol level and prevent you from heart disease.

Add red onions in your meal, it has very strong flavor but also has strong active.


CholesterolCoconut is good for control high cholesterol with enough saturated fat. The lauric acid will maintain the level and also increase HDL level.

Take enough amount of coconut oil in the diet, such as 1 to 2 tablespoon and use daily. Make sure oil should not be refined.

Cholesterol# OATMEAL

Oatmeal is one of the great diet to lose weight and decrease the level of lipids. With soluble fiber, who absorb lipids and prevent you from bad lipids (LDL).

You can eat oatmeal in the morning (breakfast) also can add some fruits and nuts for taste and decoration.



Tasty nuts which includes almond, walnut, pistachio, hazelnut and peanut which are most helpful to decrease the level of lipids. All these nuts have fiber and plant sterols.

Take handful or one ounce of roasted nuts.

Don’t forget that over eating of nuts can be unsafe.


  • Do exercise and follow any good diet plan.
  • Avoid junk and unhealthy food.
  • Add vegetables and fruits in your daily diet (especially green vegetables).

Note: In any serious condition consult with your doctor and before using any new remedy.





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