Walking Health Benefits By Dr Naveed



Today’s article is about walk. We will tell you the right way of walk and how to cure by walk and we will also tell you that can house chores and exercise is equal to walk? How long we should walk? In today’s article I will try to give the answers of all above questions.

As we all know we are in busy world, now a days this is very difficult to make time for exercise or walk. If we are not doing any exercise it can be cause of high cholesterol, obesity and uric acid.


We usually listen from some man and women who says that we do work or house chores all day that is why we don’t need to any other exercise but here I am telling you that all house chores is not equal to exercise in fact there is some work which we can include in exercise.

Those house chores which can be equal to exercises for women are:

  • Vacuuming
  • Swiping
  • Floor cleaning
  • Brooming

These types of hard works can include in exercise but make sure do these works on daily basis.


For men washing car by own self, grading can include in exercise but make sure do these works on daily basis.

We usually travel on car or bike and this became our habit that we use bike or car for very small distance this is the reason walk is going to be finish. All works we done by phone and email and we don’t need to move we just sit all day.


Now this is the question that how long we should do walk and exercise?

For body fitness you have to do walking or exercising at least 30 minutes daily. And when you are walking your stomach should empty. The best time of walking is in the morning. In every morning walk on empty stomach for 30 minutes. This is better to walk fast instead of running. And if you want to be fit then you have to walk 30 minutes daily. When you will make time for your own self and walk for 30 minutes then you will see clear difference in just 1 week. And you will not need to take any medicine for high cholesterol, obesity and uric acid.

Those peoples who are above 40 years they should not running and don’t do any hard exercise. Fast walking is best exercise for these peoples.


There are so many other health benefits of walking. Even this is also called exercise of weight-bearing because in it you are carrying your own body weight. Some more health benefits of walking are following:

  • Walking is great way to decrease the chances of heart diseases such as stroke.
  • If you are suffering in weak bones problem then you have to walk because it will improved balance and make your bones strong.
  • Walking is great for pulmonary and cardiovascular (heart and lungs) health.
  • It will improved endurance and muscle power.
  • For obese peoples walking is very important, walking reduce the cholesterol and body fat.
  • Not only this even, it is also good to improve the situations of muscular and joint stiffness and pain, diabetes, high blood pressure (hypertension) and high cholesterol.


How you can enjoy your walking?

Following are some tips which make your walking pleasurable.

  • Walking with your dog
  • Join some fitness or walking club
  • Walk with your friends and make targets
  • Changing the places where you walk

PRIOR NOTE: If somebody has serious joint problems then first consult with doctor before doing any exercise.



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